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Pastured Chickens.
  • Our Chickens have access to pasture starting at 2 weeks until 4 weeks old when they are big and strong enough to be moved to the Chicken tractor which is a outdoor pen that is moved to fresh grass daily.
  • Our Chickens are fed Certified Organic Grain from day 1.
  • Our Chickens are available Whole, Cut up, Boneless Skinless or individual cuts are available.


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Pasture Raised Pork.
  • Our Pigs have access to pasture from the first day till the last, They are fed a all natural diet and are wormed using natural means.
  • The Pork is available By the Half, Whole or individual cuts.

Pastured Turkeys.
  • Our Turkeys have access to pasture starting at 2 weeks and then when they are big enough that they can't excape through the fence they are allowed to roam the whole pasture only getting locked up at night to protect them from predators.
  • The Turkeys are suplemented with Certified Organic Grain.
  • The Turkeys are availible Whole or cut up. Make sure to place your turkey orders in early spring as we sell out quick.

Pastured Beef
  • Our Cows are able to roam  Grass, Clover and Alfalfa Pastures. When the pastures get low they are suplemented with 2nd or 3rd crop hay.
  • The Cows can be Grass or Grain finished (your choice)
  • The cows are availible Whole, Half or by the quarter.
Naturally Grown Garlic
  • We maintain a patch of naturally grown garlic. Although not certified organic; we use organic practices. We use a majority of our own products and while it doesn’t matter to some, it matters to us. We use no chemical fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides. We hand weed all our fields to maintain a healthy crop.
  • Our Garlic is ready the 1st week of July every year it can either be picked up here on the farm or shipped anywhere in the U.s.
Farm Fresh Eggs
  • Farm Fresh Eggs from Free Range Chickens are availible all year long.
  • Our eggs are suplemented with Certified Organic Grain